Christmas Appeal – Mery's Story

We would like to introduce you to a remarkable young girl named Mery

By donating to our Christmas Appeal, you will help to provide essential care, food supplies and a Christmas gift to children like Mery, who are living with rare and life-limiting illnesses in South and East Europe this Christmas.

At the age of just 3 years old, Mery received a heart-wrenching brain tumor diagnosis. Her journey began with two harrowing brain surgeries, followed by a series of misdiagnoses and treatments that left her in a severe coma within the confines of a state hospital. Any remaining hope her mother had was shattered when doctors delivered the devastating news that the chances of Mery recovering were slim to none, and that they couldn’t do much more.

After the healthcare system had given up on Mery, her mother came across our hospice partner, a beacon of hope in the darkness. Their dedicated paediatric team stepped in to provide the support needed to help Mery and her family navigate her challenging diagnosis. 12 years later, Mery still receives essential daily care and treatment and although her life expectancy remains uncertain, her condition is now able to be managed so she can live relatively pain-free.

Despite her ongoing battle with illness, Mery’s greatest wish is to make a difference in the lives of other children by one day becoming a nurse, a poignant reminder of the true spirit of the season.

This Christmas, can you help children like Mery and their families who have nowhere left to turn? Will you help them to see another Christmas?

A gift of £27, or whatever you can afford, could help to provide food packages, a Christmas gift and essential care for sick children, leaving them with lasting memories this Christmas.

Your kindness can help make a change and together, we can create a meaningful impact and make the light of hospice care shine a little brighter. 

“I want to get better, and in the future, I’d like to become a nurse so that i can help other children who are sick.” – Mery

10% of your donation covers charity fundraising and administration costs. This means for every £1 raised, 10p goes towards raising the next £1 and help us to continue making an impact. Your donation will be used where the need is greatest; thank you.