Christmas Appeal

Make the light of hospice care shine brighter for sick children this Christmas

As the nights start to draw in, and our attention turns towards Christmas, we invite you to pause for a moment.


You have a child with a serious illness, in need of vital care. The hospital and healthcare system cannot help you. You have nowhere to turn, no support and your child is in aggravating pain. You are desperate. For many parents and families in South and East Europe, sadly, this is their reality. For them, this time of year is far from a season of celebration and joy; every moment counts.

Did you know that approximately 170,000 children in need of palliative care die every year in Europe without access to it? We are determined to change this, but we need your help.

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This Christmas, can you help children and their families who have nowhere left to turn? Will you help them to see another Christmas?

A gift of £27, or whatever you can afford, could help to provide food packages, a Christmas gift and essential care for sick children, leaving them with lasting memories this Christmas. Your kindness can help make a change and together, we can create a meaningful impact and make the light of hospice care shine a little brighter. 

10% of your donation covers charity fundraising and administration costs. This means for every £1 raised, 10p goes towards raising the next £1 and help us to continue making an impact. Your donation will be used where the need is greatest; thank you.