Help sustain the future of hospice home care

Help sustain the future of hospice home care


“You are not alone” 

The Princess of Wales ended her very courageous speech, letting the world know that she was suffering from cancer, by saying to her fellow cancer sufferers “You are not alone” – this is a phrase often used by our team’s doctors and nurses when visiting their patients.

The sad fact is that, in the countries we support, so many patients do not hear these words. Instead, they feel isolated and abandoned because the State cannot provide the care they need.

This Spring, we are therefore asking you for your help.

Can you help to sustain and support our partners home-care services and enable the teams to reach more patients by donating £15 per month?

Should you prefer to give a one-off gift, please click here

Make a difference today

10% of your donation covers charity fundraising and administration costs. This means for every £1 raised, 10p goes towards raising the next £1 and help us to continue making an impact. Your donation will be used where the need is greatest; thank you.

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