Our Journey with Bagpuss

Bagpuss is a key supporter of Hospices of Hope, and has a starring role as the face of the children’s wing at Hospice Casa Sperantei, our country partner in Brasov Romania.

Our journey with Bagpuss began over 20 years ago, when Oliver Postgate, Bagpuss’ creator, was looking for a cause to support – one that would align with his heart for helping sick children. Then he came across Hospices of Hope…

The rest you could say, is history! In 2002 Oliver Postgate gave a generous donation to the building of a children’s wing in Brasov, Romania. This wing would care for terminally ill children, and those suffering from life-limiting conditions, providing essential medical services and restoring hope and joy along the way. 

When the Bagpuss Children’s Wing officially opened, Emily Firmin – the daughter of co-creator Peter Firmin, and perhaps better known as Emily from the TV show – was there to show her support too!


-Emily Firmin at the Bagpuss Wing opening

The Bagpuss Wing

The Bagpuss Children’s Wing in Brasov cares for seriously ill children suffering from conditions like cancer, severe cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. These conditions drastically affect their quality of life, but in Romania it is unlikely these children would receive the help they so desperately need. 

At any one time, the Bagpuss Wing cares for 150 children with terminal, rare or life-limiting illness. It has six in-patient beds as well as a day centre, physiotherapy, and psychological counselling. Many children who cannot travel to the day centre, (for financial reasons or because they are too ill) can receive a visit from the Wing’s dedicated home care team.

“We can’t wait to come to HOSPICE, it is good to be here, surrounded by dedicated people who make us forget about our daily pressures.”

– Carmen, Bagpuss Wing patient

Over the years, Bagpuss has been a source of comfort to hundreds of seriously ill children, giving them hope whilst they receive care and treatment.