Bagpuss & Hospices of Hope

The Bagpuss Children’s Wing, run by our partner organisation in Romania, cares for seriously ill children.
It was opened thanks to a generous donation of Bagpuss’ pocket money from one of his creators, Oliver Postgate.

The wing provides vital services through a day care centre and various therapies for children in Romania free of charge.
Without these services many children and their families would not receive the help they desperately need.

How your donations have helped…

Cornelia is 7 years old, she is suffering from cereral palsy. She lives in very poor conditions along with her mother, grandmother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. She suffers from paraparesis and some brain damage, and therefore must be cared for by the staff at the Bagpuss Wing. She is very affectionate, she likes to be held by the hand, and enjoys playing with small figurines.

Katia (left) suffers from Spinal Amyotrophy. Her sister Sabina (right), has the same condition. In the middle is their special needs teacher, Oana Popeia, at our partner hospice in Brasov.
Katia says; “My mother told me that when I was 11 months old I could stand on my feet, holding on to my bed. I don’t remember that, but it must have been really nice. I can’t walk; as a matter of fact I never did. My mother and father love me very much and they would do anything for me. They took me to the seaside and to the mountains, we laugh and tell stories together and I like it very much when they explain everything to me. They have never told me “You’re too small for this, we’ll explain this when you’ll grow up.”