Medical Supplies

Do you have unused, specialist medical supplies that you no longer require?

You can support our country partners in Albania, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine through donating your unwanted medical supplies and equipment.

Hospices of Hope Moldova would particularly appreciate donations of stoma bags and related equipment, as these are widely unavailable and yet essential for many after life-changing surgery.

A full list of accepted items can be found below and includes wigs, dressings, and diapers. We are a small charity and do not have the resources to offer a collection service, but you can send your donations to our Otford office, where our volunteers will make sure it gets shipped to its destination: Hospices of Hope Medical Supplies, 11 High Street, Otford, Kent, TN14 5PG

Your support is vital in helping those with terminal illnesses to live life fully and make every precious moment matter.

‘Thanks to your generous contributions, the Ukrainian patients will know that they are not alone. Your support today is an important contribution to the health and safety of hundreds of children. It is a contribution to a peaceful sky, which will surely be above both Ukraine and Moldova. Every saved life is a saved world’

The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, at a Hospices of Hope fundraising event in Moldova

Which medical supplies do we accept?

All the medical supplies received must still be in date for at least 1 year. Expired medical supplies cannot be used on patients and it will cost Hospices of Hope money to dispose of.

We don’t accept any type of medicine. We accept the following in new or good condition:

  • Anti-pressure sore mattresses (in good condition) for pressure sores.
  • Antiseptic wipes for human use
  • Alternating pressure sore mattress, even without the pump.
  • Bandages, including leg ulcer bandages
  • Breast prosthesis in good/new condition.
  • Breast prosthesis bras, in good condition
  • Cetraben Cream
  • Canes
  • Catheters
  • Dressing kit for wounds
  • Incontinence nappies/diapers (e.g. Pampers)
  • Incontinence pads
  • Knitted Knockers – knitted breast prostheses
  • Lymphoedema supplies
  • Sterile dressings – any type
  • Stoma accessories – in date Adhesive remover, Adhesive tape (medical, crescent shaped) for attaching stoma bags, Cohesive Paste (e.g. Eakin) Hyrdoframes, Ostoguard barrier cream, Skin protective film (e.g. Cavilon, LDF etc.) & wipes, Washers, Gel – deodorising & lubricating, Menalind Pro (+ creatine) Cleaning Spray
  • Stoma bags – colostomy
  • Urostomy bags
  • Wheelchairs in good condition (foldable)
  • Wigs in good condition.
  • Wound mattresses

Where should I send my supplies?

Please post your supplies to:

Medical Supplies

Hospices of Hope

11 High Street



TN14 5PG


For enquiries, please contact us at or 01959 525110

Please do not send any parcels directly to our country partners.

Due to changes in custom regulations, all imports are subject to custom taxes and duties paid by the importer, which will in turn incur charges that the charity will have to pay. Please only use the UK postal address provided.

Financial Donations

We urgently need financial donations to help cover the rising cost of shipments. Two pallets of supplies cost a minimum of £1,000, with prices increasing for heavier items such as mobility aids. Each year on average we spend over £8000 on ensuring the supplies make it to where the need is greatest. The ongoing war against Ukraine, combined with the challenges posed by a post-Brexit, post-Covid world, continue to contribute to a steady increase in costs.

Your help covering costs would be received with heartfelt thanks. Hospices of Hope remains committed to doing whatever we can to help, even in the face of rising costs, but your support remains invaluable to this work.

Please consider donating now to help us in our mission to help those in desperate need.