Sponsor a Child

Give the Gift of Hope

Help to transform the lives of our child patients, by helping to provide respite care and therapy to children in South and East Europe with life-limiting illnesses.

We estimate that there are more than 50,000 children in Romania living with rare or life-limiting illness with 5,000 in the
Bucharest area alone. With struggling and often corrupt healthcare systems, many of these children go with little or no help. Our Children’s Centre at Copaceni, near Bucharest, offers respite and therapy services to children with life-limiting and rare illnesses. For the children and the families in our care, Copaceni offers hope.

For only £20 a month, you will contribute to a whole range of care and therapies offered to our child patients, from medication, physiotherapy and counselling services, to transport and education. When you sponsor a child in our care, you’re not only helping the individual child, you are also helping their entire family and those around them who contribute to their care. 

When you sponsor a child, you will receive:

  • A welcome pack which will tell you all about the children in our care, as well as the work we as a charity are doing to support these children.
  • Around 8 weeks after you register to be a sponsor, you will receive a letter or drawing from one of our child patients.
  • You will also receive a Christmas / new year update, and an annual progress update on the child, as well as information about our wider work at Copaceni.  

See below for one of the patients currently benefiting from the Sponsor a Child program.

Mihai Zamfir "Mihaita"

9 year old Mihaita is one of children currently benefiting from our Sponsor a Child program. He suffers from a number of illnesses, such as cerebral palsy, which have impacted his quality of life.

This is not helped by his family’s dire financial situation, they are one of the poorest that our country partner at Copaceni work with. Their house has no kitchen or running water, and Mihai lives with his mother, who is his full time carer, along with his older sister and father, who is currently unemployed.

Mihai has been a patient since February 2021, and currently receives a variety of care from the hospice in Copaceni, such as, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and social/psychological counselling (which we provide to him and his family).

To help us support children like Mihai for less than 70p per day, please fill out the form above, or for more information, contact us at office@hospicesofhope.co.uk.