Doina’s Story

“My experience of Hospice changed me enormously. I found courage to be who I am, I found courage to be more vocal,” says Doina, a patient at one of our partner hospices.

Her cancer diagnosis came after two difficult investigations and surgeries. Unfortunately, her husband couldn’t accept her diagnosis and condition, or the way the disease had affected her both physically and mentally, and so they separated. But Doina found support in her son. “He was concerned about how I was feeling, he was interested in when I had my next chemo sessions and wanted to accompany me. This disease has changed my life and changed his, he has matured before his time”.
After surgery and five chemo sessions, Doina asked the nurses at the hospital if they knew where she could find a wig and prosthetic bra. She came across Hospice and found a second family.

“I came for a wig, but I found so much more than that! I found peace, I found my balance. I know other patients in the same situation and we can share our feelings. When I don’t make it to the day centre, I feel sad the whole week.”
Doina has also discovered a new passion through hospice, painting. She loves it so much that she doesn’t just paint when she’s there, but when she gets home. She feels it calms her mind and gives her purpose.

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