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Bring together your community, organisation, or group and create an impact. Collaborative fundraising doesn’t just provide essential funds to support hospice care in South and East Europe; it also offers a chance to partake in a uniting shared experience. Why not arrange a coffee morning, a dinner with friends, a golf outing, or a friendly sweepstake? Be inspired by our fundraising suggestions below, or create your own innovative activity that encourages your group to push boundaries, enjoy themselves, and contribute to a wonderful cause.

We are also happy to visit your group and offer a presentation or talk, giving members an understanding of the work we do.

Top fundraising tips
Guidance & compliance
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Your event or activity will be a real success and a little planning can make all the difference. Here is a checklist of things to consider:

  1. Select your event or activity, venue, date and time
  2. Choose what materials or resources you need through our fundraising toolkit. Don’t forget to enlist people to help you
  3. Set and follow a budget
  4. Create your fundraising page and circulate it to possible supporters. You can find a printable sponsorship form in our fundraising tools section
  5. Advertise your event or activity/invite guests
  6. Thank everyone who attended or donated and make sure any additional offline funds are sent to us

Make sure everyone knows about your fundraising plans

The more people who know about your event or activity, the more you are likely to fundraise. As well as personal invitations and word of mouth, digital and social media are great ways of spreading the word.

Read our social media guidelines

There are some legal and safety issues to think about when fund raising. You may find this information published by the Government, the Fundraising Regulator and the Institute of Fundraising helpful.

Some examples are listed here and we are happy to help as far as we can but it is down to you to ensure that you are compliant.

Use of our Logo

You can download our Hospices of Hope logo from our fundraising tool kit. Please be aware that you must only use our “in aid of’ logos available from our toolkit. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Our Relationship with You

We cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you or anyone else as a result of taking part in a fundraising event that is not directly organised by our staff.


Certain activities e.g. giving out flyers, may require a special licence from your local council or governing authority.

Raffles, Lotteries, Prize Draws, Race Nights, Casino Nights etc

All of these are popular ways of fund raising but there are some important rules about how they are run which are on the Gambling Commission’s website. A licence may be needed.


Check that the venue and equipment you will be using are covered by insurance. If not. you may need public liability cover as you will be responsible as the organiser of the event for any claims made by third parties.

Catering and Food Hygiene

Please ensure that you prepare, handle, cook, store and display food safely. Please cont.act your local council for food hygiene regulations or see If you are using a caterer, the caterer will need a food hygiene certificate and public liability insurance.


If you are selling alcohol at your event you may need a licence if your chosen venue does not already have one. You can apply for a temporary licence. A licence may also be needed if you have live or recorded music, dancing, a film or play or an indoor sporting event. More information is available here.

Lights … Camera … Action

If you are taking photos or videos, ensure that you have consent to use these. Be particularly careful if children are attending.

Data Protection

Please make sure you do not keep personal information any longer than you have to and do not share details without permission .


Public collections need a licence from the local authority and collections on private premises may require the consent of the owner .


If children and/or vulnerable adults will be attending the event or activity ensure that safeguarding issues are addressed.


Consider how to handle cash safely – for example by using a secure box or collecting bucket. Have regard to your safety when transporting cash. Do you have a secure place to keep any money collected and can you transport it safely from the event?

Health and Safety

Please think about health and safety if you are holding an event. Carry out a risk assessment. Do you have a first aider? Have you identified any potential risks or fire hazards? Don’t forget to follow all social distancing rules and government guidelines on COVID-19 and ;inv other ootential threats.

Book a Talk

Arrange for one of our team to visit your group and give a more in-depth insight into Hospices of Hope.

We can offer presentations either in person or virtually, subject to diary availability. To learn more and secure your free talk, whether it’s an in-person engagement or a virtual experience, kindly finalise the provided form or call us on 01959 525110, or email

Our fundraising team

Our fundraising team is dedicated to making your contribution process as successful as possible. Let us know if you have any questions, or would like further resource.

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